An Intrinsic Love for The Craft

Capturing Magic Through CREATIVITY

It starts with an old china cabinet found on Facebook Marketplace for a few dollars.  It is old and has water damage.  The previous owner loved the set as it belonged to their grandparents, but they don’t know what to do with it.  That’s the start to many furniture pieces that end up in our hands.

The magic of all the work we do is that a furniture piece that was lost is suddenly found.  All the beautiful history remains with it as we transform the piece from water stained and decrepit to defined and attractive.  Even pieces that are picked up that we can’t fix are upcycled and find a new home in another piece.  The best part, there are no rules except for knowing what will and won’t work and having the patience for paint to dry and wax to seal.


Unique Design

Allowing Creative Thought to Generate Results

When Ruth Bader Ginsberg passed it was a momentous point in history, whether one agreed with her work or not.  It had pivotal impact in what’s to come, as her life had pivotal impact on what has happened. 

A photo of a an exhibit at the National Museum of American Jewish History led to a reimagined conversation set that was created as a tribute to her important life.  It consists of two chairs and a drum table done in a bold blue and white with custom fabric that includes her image and a custom table top wallpaper that is finished with epoxy.

Changing an Entire Room

A dining set redesigned can change your entire room

The dining set to the left is a J.B. Van Sciver dining set from the early 1900s.  We picked it up from a family that was unsure what to do with it as it was in disrepair.  We worked for four weeks to carefully sand and repair the chairs and table and then enjoyed the creative aspect of deciding on what colors and patterns to use.  At first, we planned to paint the entire set, but after seeing the legs of a char come to life with gold wax, we decided on the two tone of the wood in contrast to the blue.  All chairs received the same gold and white Art Deco peacock pattern.  The end result transformed the set and then transformed the room of the new owner.  The chairs had the original horse hair for padding!  It was a big job but a true labor of love.