Kick your feet up on this stool that is painted in Dixie Belle paint and has a crushed velvet cushion to ensure your feet find “Otter Relaxation”!  This stool is more modern than the Jacobean styled “Otter Royalty” chair that it matches in design and available in a separate auction.  Like the chair it matches, this stool is protected in a red shimmer wax.  It also has the benefit of having a top that lifts up to store your loofah and massage cream to take care of those relaxed feet.

ALL proceeds from this auction go directly to support scholarships for youth that have been in care.  Funds will be awarded to youth at the annual embrella banquet.
This is an internal, employee auction only. In order to participate you need to be employed with embrella, be a volunteer, or be a member of the board. If you win, you will be notified and can pay for your chair via cash, Zelle or Venmo and then pick up your chair in the conference room.  At the close of the auction, all user accounts will be deleted from this site as will these web pages.  All web pages are marked to not be scanned for search engine inclusion.

If you have any questions or run into any problems, please contact Family Support Advocate, Michele Rodriguez.

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